My approach is all about providing the space for authentic moments to flourish. The thing I care most deeply about is that you actually get to enjoy your wedding day! I truly believe that a meaningful moment captured without intrusion will always have more impact than something that is staged. This is true both in the moment, and when you look back at your film.

I have had the honor of creating wedding films for passionate, adventurous, and deeply in love couples for the last four years!

I create films that let you relive your deep love story forever...

You should never have to forget the real and raw emotions that you feel on your wedding day.

I take the time to get to know you both personally so that your film is a unique reflection of you. You will feel seen and heard, your greater love story will be woven throughout your film.

Real Relationship

You deserve room to breathe and enjoy your wedding day. I won't ask you to fake a moment, you won't feel like you are being posed. You will have time to spend with the ones that matter most to you. The authentic moments will shine through.

Experience the Moment

No two stories are the same. Your love story is no different. I make sure your wedding film fits the energy from your day. From elopements on the top of a mountain, to parties in the heart of Denver, I'm here to capture your love honestly and authentically.

Uniquely Yours

Together we Fell - Erin and Dan

Love and Drifting - Kelsi and Cole's Teaser 

Lauren & Garrett - Blackstone River Ranch Wedding

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Working with Brandon was such a wonderful experience.

He was a great listener, and took the time to understand what we wanted. Also, he is a great person and was fun to have around on the wedding day. The video exceeded our expectations, and we could not be happier with it. We have recommended him to all of our engaged friends.

Matthew & Nana

Brandon is wonderful and our wedding video far surpassed our expectations.

At first we weren't planning on hiring a videographer, but decided to get one at the last minute. And I am SO happy we did. Brandon was able to capture our day so beautifully. He was great to work with, and I love that we can relive our special day through this video. Can't recommend Baxley Wedding Films enough!


We were so happy we got to capture our special day in a video.

Whenever we watch it, we are brought back to our wedding day and feel that it truly captured our emotions. Not only was it beautifully put together, but we felt extremely comfortable during our wedding day. I barely even noticed any cameras, but was so happy Brandon was there to capture our day. We definitely recommend Brandon, he has a beautiful way of stringing the moments together.