Years of that reputation finally led to some acquaintances asking if I would be willing to make a video of their wedding. I somewhat reluctantly agreed, and spent the whole day afraid to miss a single moment! Little did I know that day would completely change my life for years to come. Filming that wedding rekindled the love for story telling, and sparked a new passion for capturing real, raw, meaningful emotion. 

Over the years and after hundreds of weddings, I have really come to believe that wedding films can be more that just cookie cutter mini documentaries, or moving slide shows. Wedding films should be crafted in such a way that they become family heirlooms. They should be time capsules of memories, images, voices that allow us to access those real moments full of meaning whenever we need to live in them again. That is why I love what I get to do! I'd love to hear about you and your story!

I was always known as the video guy growing up. From home videos of my family, to some of the shakiest snowboarding footage ever captured, I was constantly wanting to record everything around me. 

I believe that every couple should be able to relive the real and honest emotions of their wedding day.
Every couple deserves an heirloom. 

Hi! I'm Brandon!

Working with Brandon was such a wonderful experience.

He was a great listener, and took the time to understand what we wanted. Also, he is a great person and was fun to have around on the wedding day. The video exceeded our expectations, and we could not be happier with it. We have recommended him to all of our engaged friends.

Matthew & Nana

Brandon is wonderful and our wedding video far surpassed our expectations.

At first we weren't planning on hiring a videographer, but decided to get one at the last minute. And I am SO happy we did. Brandon was able to capture our day so beautifully. He was great to work with, and I love that we can relive our special day through this video. Can't recommend Baxley Wedding Films enough!


We were so happy we got to capture our special day in a video.

Whenever we watch it, we are brought back to our wedding day and feel that it truly captured our emotions. Not only was it beautifully put together, but we felt extremely comfortable during our wedding day. I barely even noticed any cameras, but was so happy Brandon was there to capture our day. We definitely recommend Brandon, he has a beautiful way of stringing the moments together.