Some of my absolute favorite films. Stay awhile and enjoy these genuine, gut-wrenchingly emotional, beautifully authentic, and honest love stories. 


Zander and Erik's sense of style and design is unmatched. Every part of their day was infused with intentionality and meaning, both in the words spoken, and the setting they created. 

Zander & Eric - Moss Denver Wedding

Sarah and Timothy got to share their vows high in the breathtaking beauty of Loveland Pass in the brisk winter air. These two got to experience their coming together with intimacy and authenticity exactly how they wanted. 

Sarah & Timothy - Intimate Mountain Elopement

Hope you have some tissues ready for this one! Marco and Devon chose to give their vows privately to one another out in the snow before their ceremony.  They had the space to say everything that was on their hearts and it showed. I felt so honored to get to be a part of that and capture their genuine emotions in the moment.

Devon & Marco -
Yamhil Oregon Wedding

What can I even say about Nicole and Josh’s incredible elopement? A breathtaking sunset, truly honest and heartfelt vows, and new lifelong friends. If you only watch one, watch this one. These are the weddings I live for.

JOSH & NICOLE - Intimate Twin Lakes Elopement

Working with Brandon was such a wonderful experience.

He was a great listener, and took the time to understand what we wanted. Also, he is a great person and was fun to have around on the wedding day. The video exceeded our expectations, and we could not be happier with it. We have recommended him to all of our engaged friends.

Matthew & Nana

Brandon is wonderful and our wedding video far surpassed our expectations.

At first we weren't planning on hiring a videographer, but decided to get one at the last minute. And I am SO happy we did. Brandon was able to capture our day so beautifully. He was great to work with, and I love that we can relive our special day through this video. Can't recommend Baxley Wedding Films enough!


We were so happy we got to capture our special day in a video.

Whenever we watch it, we are brought back to our wedding day and feel that it truly captured our emotions. Not only was it beautifully put together, but we felt extremely comfortable during our wedding day. I barely even noticed any cameras, but was so happy Brandon was there to capture our day. We definitely recommend Brandon, he has a beautiful way of stringing the moments together.